Monday, January 31, 2011

Sorry, I was totally off...

I didn't go to the gym last week end. I end up going out in Venice, drinking way too much and finishing the night with a K24 sandwich at 4:30 am... Shame on me.

There is absolutely no way to combine clubbing and loosing weight, anyway, not in LA.

On Saturday, I was so tired that I just remember walking on the beach and eating another sandwich ( a very  fatty ( but still ''healthy'') grilled sandwich I bought at my favourite spot a little bit off the boardwalk.  I went for a little rollerblading ballad with my friend and that's it. Nothing heavy.

On Sunday, I went for some cardio and little bit of abs. For some reason I am shy to hang out at the '' free weight spot'' with all those Mr Muscle. I am not sure if it's the fact that they are super big or super ''not into girls'' that intimidates me.

Today, I bought some hydroxycut, well I dunno If it's a good thing but it was half price off and it gives you energy ( to go out at night after the training ? That's honestly one of the reason I bought it for.... shame on me).  I went to the gym, I really wanted to check out the class schedule but totally forgot ( voluntarily ?) anyway, I arrived at the gym when the total body blast with Tafiq was staring. For some reason I just went in. It was fun, amazingly fun actually and I stayed for the abs blast.. let's say I had a blast and I am sooo going on Wednesday.

On my way out I saw my coach and I booked my appointment. I kind feel they have commission over selling pills and the crap they have in store. That sucks. I told him about the Hydroxycut, he advised me to go easy on them and to begin with only one. Will DO !
 I have to say I feel great and not that much out of shape anymore :)

The place of all my sins in Venice

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