Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2- The first appointment

For some reason my personal trainer did not want to train me anymore. I had a new one, will call him Joe ( I want to keep this as anonymous as possible). Joe had me done some exercises. After only  half of the training, I felt  I was gonna faint. I have always done exercise and I have to say I never ever felt that much pain in my whole body. Joe looked a bit fed up of me. He proposed me some training package but since I don't have money for it I just refused. He wanted me to buy a bunch of pills as well ( glutamine and BCAA).

After checking it out I decided to take BCAA but the side effect of glutamine ( depression ?) make me think it's not a so good idea to take it.

It was so hard that I totally don't want to spoil  the benefit by eating bad food.

I still have one training with him which is included in the contest. It was hard but I felt good after.

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