Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3- Cardio and Devil food

I woke up with way less pain I was expecting.

Like Joe told me, I am doing 3 days of Cardio and 3 days of weight training. So today I jumped on the elliptical machine and did my hour of Cardio, Joe told me there is not much benefit to go over and hour so I just take it easy.

I really feel like taking a group class at GG but I feel a bit unconfident about it.

I read about the diet I have to follow. Seems quite healthy and it allows carb :p YEAH !

I went to my photography class and seems like the devil wanted me to eat bad. I had a good lunch and tons of water right before for lunch so I wasn't very tempted by the ice cream parthouse that followed. Furthermore, my friend in photography class ask me If I was modelling... made my day !! No Ice cream thank you !

I went to a party in the hills that night that turned out to be a Bday party. I had lots of drinks (champagne, vino, vodka shooters)  but I was glad we had sushi for dinner and I wasn't super hungry. I think I had 3 sashimi and 3 makis, mostly without rice. I was proud of myself being full fast.  For hours after, they brought a cake out, Tiramisu shortcake, we ate it with no plate directly from the cake... that was bad... shame on me :s

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